My Car Smells Like Pizza


fast shutter speed vs. slow shutter speed

The Middle East - Blood
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Oh, and you’ll find somebody you can blame

And you’ll follow the creek that runs out into the sea

And you’ll find the peace of the Lord


and in that moment, everyone’s heart broke

Dry the River - Bible Belt (Acoustic)
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Dry the River - Bible Belt (acoustic)

darling when the ice caps melt,
when the devils in the bible belt
don’t cower in your bed,
I’ll be on the 5:45,
you can meet me at the railway line,
and don’t look so scared.
cause we’ve been through worse than this before we could talk.
The trick of it is, don’t be afraid any more.


bring it AROUND town


bring it AROUND town

I love sleeping to avoid problems.
Matthew Healy, The 1975. (via he4rt-out)
You get depressed because you know that you’re not what you should be.
Marilyn Manson (via stevenbong)